Repair & Replacement

Asphalt Repair and Replacement

asphalt repair

Asphalt Repair

Bailey Asphalt is a leader in Southwest Michigan and Northern Indiana asphalt patching. Capabilities include pothole patching, roadway patching, and small asphalt paving jobs. Our crew is outfitted with tamps, rollers, and saws to ensure that the patch job is of the highest quality possible. The highlight of this program is a dedication to quick service. The majority of our patching jobs can be scheduled within several days, with same day emergency services available.

Our Core Services

New Driveways

We pride ourselves on being the residential paving experts in Southwest Michigan. Our bread and butter is in new asphalt driveways. Get more information here.

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New Parking Lots

A new asphalt parking lot requires the right equipment, the right high-quality materials and trained and experienced professionals who know how to use them.

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Repair and Replacement

Saw Cut with Complete removal or Asphalt Milling of existing areas that have deteriorated can help to increase the overall longevity of your existing parking area.

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Asphalt Maintenance

Why repave when you can seal and save! Bailey Asphalt is the premier maintenance, striping, and sealcoating asphalt company in Southwest Michigan

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